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Tax Solutions

Call today to get started on your resolution!
Has it been several years since you’ve filed? Do you have a balance due and you cannot pay? Has your bank account or wages been levied? Are you ready for a fresh start? Do you need a good night’s sleep? We can help solve these problems. We are licensed in all 50 states and we enjoy helping our clients.


We help with:

Unfiled Tax Returns
We can file your unfiled returns--individual or business. If it has been several years since you have filed, we can find out how many years you need to file in order to get in compliance. If you don’t file, the IRS can file returns for you that are in their best interest, not yours. Getting in compliance is the beginning of solving your tax problems.

IRS Representation (Audit)
All taxpayers have the right to representation. Facing the IRS alone can be a frightening and stressful task. A qualified tax professional can usually represent you and obtain a more favorable outcome on your behalf.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)
An OIC may be a solution for you. The rules have changed over the last few years to make it easier to qualify for an OIC. We carefully review your situation and let you know if you qualify for an OIC. If you do not qualify, there are other resolution options available to you.

IRS Payment Plans (Installment Agreements)
Most people think that they can file and Offer in Compromise and their problems are over. The truth is, not all taxpayers qualify for an OIC. A payment plan may be your only option.  We can negotiate a payment plan for you. In some cases, we can negotiate penalties as well to lower you tax liability. This can alleviate other collection activities.

Payroll Tax Problems
Not paying your payroll taxes or not filing returns is something that the IRS takes very seriously. The IRS aggressively tries to collect these payroll taxes known as the Trust Fund. Non-payment of these taxes is the quickest way to get your bank accounts levied or your business doors closed. You may also be held liable. If your business has closed, there are still resolutions to keep this from hanging over your head.

Letters received from IRS and VA Department of Taxation
If you receive a letter from a taxing authority, please read it and make sure you can respond in a timely manner. Contact us with any letters and we can help decipher what the IRS or state believes the issue is. If you have a balance due and cannot pay, we can help find a solution to resolve the issue.

There is a solution to your problem. We would love the opportunity help make your problem go away. Call for a free confidential consultation.