Business Prosperity Package

Start your business the right way from the beginning. Avoid the headaches of wondering when and if the IRS will come knocking or if you will make it to your 1 year anniversary.
This program is for:
The entrepreneur who wants a done for you solution to get your business started quickly.
The entrepreneur who wants to learn smart business and tax strategies to stay in business.
The entrepreneur who wants an experienced and knowledgeable advisor to assist them with questions or unseen problems that may arise along the way.
What is included:
1 Hour Strategy Call + Business Roadmap
Prepare business license application
Apply for Employer Identification Number
Discuss entity choice and tax implications of choice
Prepare and file Articles of Incorporation or Organization documents for entity choice (LLC, C corporation, S corporation)
Tax Preparation (Schedule C) for Current Year
Upgrade to Corporate Taxes for $200 off current price
Upgrade to Bookkeeping Services within 6 months and receive 10% off monthly fee for first year.
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