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Client Testimonials
Tawanda has definitely been an asset to not only my family but my business. She is very professional and will go above and beyond the call of duty. She displays a great level of customer service. Very proficient with maintaining the communication between clients and the IRS. You are missing out if you have not decided to outsource your accounting services.
DeKesha Williams, Vizions Consulting
Being new to Virginia, Tawanda took the time to review my documents, ask questions and explain processes to me. She is very detail oriented, does her best to make me aware of my options, and truly displays genuine concern for my company's well-being, as well as my own. Tawanda goes the extra mile consistently. I recommend her services to any small business owner, anyone considering starting a business, and for personal taxes as well.
Tanyka Gilbert, Behind The Veil Consultations
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter in response to the excellent and courteous service I received from TNT Accounting.  My husband and I have never needed help from an accountant let alone one who specializes in taxation.  Unfortunately, our luck ran out when I received my first "EVER" audit letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  I was almost too scared to open the letter, but everyone knows when you receive a letter from the government, especially the IRS the sooner you open and respond the better.  The more I read the letter the more astounded and confused I became because the letter was not very friendly nor was it subtle in its allegations against my husband and I.  After reading the letter several more times trying to understand what was being demanded from us I was devastated.
After gathering my thoughts, I came to the decision that I was not going to fight this battle with the IRS alone so I picked up the phone and called TNT Accounting,  I knew taxation and taxation disputes were the organization's specialty and had only heard good things .  When I called TNT Accounting I spoke with Tawanda Connor, the owner, and immediately felt the burden the IRS had placed on my family was lifted.  Tawanda listened as I read the IRS letter to her and explained to her my concerns and thoroughly answered my questions.  She never became impatient even when I was repeating myself and she basically started on my case while we were on the telephone.  In a nutshell, Tawanda and the TNT Accounting staff was able to take my case and have me on my way to a resolution with the IRS within three business days.  
TNT Accounting was the right choice for me and it can be for you as well.  I will be recommending TNT to all my friends and family in need of tax services big or small.  I encourage all who are reading this letter to also give Tawanda and TNT a call because you definitely will not be disappointed in the dedicated and professional service you receive.
Thanks again TNT Accounting.
"Ever since I met Tawanda, the stress I had is no longer there. I am so grateful for her patience and know how. She helped us at a critical stage in our business. She helped us to get organized financially and establish good standing with our other obligations. Our company is now at a comfortable level that we can manage and have time to focus on the heart of the business. We have now taken our business to another level and have obtained new business. We are very pleased.
Cathy White, Administrator DC White Enterprises Inc
"Tawanda is always so helpful and with a smile."
Lynn Watkins, Owner Just The Print
"I met Tawanda when she was looking for office space, she impressed me with her positive attitude. About a year later my accountant retired and I thought of Tawanda, she has gone above and beyond to provide me with accounting, tax preparation, and advice. I recommend her to my friends and colleagues every chance I get."
Stanley Holmes, Owner of Bollingbrook Properties
Tawanda is the best! She came over tonight and stayed until all my questions were answered and all my reports were ready for my boss! If there is a better accountant I don't believe it. Tawanda is the best! Thank you so much!
Dixie Oliver,  Critcal Mass
Tawanda is a consummate professional. In addition she is a compassionate listener, and a very competent accountant. Her services are very affordable and pays for itself with the savings she can generate for your business.
Raj Prasad, President of Icon Corp of Virginia
Last year when I started my cleaning business, TNT Accounting Services was there to help me every step of the way. Tawanda coached me along to get my business up and running the correct way. She provided the right QuickBooks software that suited my business and even prepared my taxes at year end. She made everything seem so effortless.   
Carmen Avery, Owner of Avery Home Cleaning and Janitorial Service